ISSUE 82 | DEC/JAN, 2017
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Here we are again! The last issue of Zero Tolerance Magazine to be printed this year - scarily, by the time you read this it'll be late-December and you might well be dropping mince pie crumbs on this page as you read (if so, get a plate you slob!). Festive food stuffs aside, this issue is full of goodies - from the excellent cover feature, penned by one of our more recent staff writers Jose Carlos Santos - we're sure you'll enjoy it, I certainly did. Visuals have been provided by the brilliant Tina Korhonen, who worked tirelessly with Erik for us to get a set of shots that really capture him in all his bloody best/mess; blood, fire, burning crucifixes - the visual stimulus is plentiful and the words are many, so get stuck in.

But you know, this is another one of those issues where we were spoilt for choice in terms of cover-worthy artists. Watain are joined by Morbid Angel, Shining, Electric Wizard, Corrosion Of Conformity and Midnight - all of whom could just as easily have sat 'out front'. We also have a Goatpenis - but decided that might be a bit of a flop on the cover. *cough*. You'll also notice that this issue sports a larger than usual Rapid Fire section, it's been stuffed full of interviews with no fewer than 18 bands - and an interesting lot they are.

Anyway, shift your eyes to the right and I reckon you'll agree that there's definitely lots to keep you out of trouble for a little while - and that's forgetting to mention this issue's covermount CD and the 16 bands who've included tracks on there, it's a good 'un,so give it a well-deserved spin. See you for our next issue in late-February, but before I hop it, thanks as always for reading and best wishes for 2018 from all of us here at the magazine - we're raring to go with another six issues across the New Year.

Lisa Macey, Editor


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