ISSUE 86 | SEP/OCT, 2018
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Welcome to issue #086. I can hardly believe that this issue signals our 14th year of publication - and perhaps the best thing about saying that out loud is not only that we're we're still here - but that we're still going strong. Our tentacles continue to reach all the expected retail outlets, but these days we're also in airport terminals, train stations and even motorway service stations - not bad for a 'little niche title', eh? And as we've continued to make sure we're in all the right places, we've also been hard at work to make sure that you're holding an excellent magazine in your hands, not just an OK one to fill a few minutes, which is why I'm pleased to say that our contributors haven't let anybody down this issue - if anything, they've over-delivered on the good stuff as we've ended up with far more than we could fit in in the end (the bonus prize is that you'll find some extra features ready to read now on our website).

Anyway, as you will have noticed - a man who needs no introduction whatsoever - Glen Benton, joins us as for this issue's cover as he and drummer Steve Asheim speak to ZT's resident Deicide expert John Norby about their first album in five long years, Overtures of Blasphemy. It's already got tongues wagging as being something of a return to form, a la 1997's Serpents Of The Light... Of course, we're talking to Glen Benton here, so their new one is most definitely not the only topic of conversation on offer...

Joining Deicide are Finland's enigmatic Archgoat and we've concluded that there really must be something in the air (or maybe we're just shit-hot with our line of questioning) as their guitarist, Ritual Butcherer virtually chewed Will Pinfold's ear off - which is quite something given interviews with the kvlter-than-kvlt band in the time spanning their 1989 beginning are few and far between. We also spent some time with NWOBHM'ers Satan ahead of the release of their new album, Cruel Magic, caught up with Moyses Kolesne to chat about the 'new old-school' sound that can be found on Krisun's new album Scourge Of The Enthroned, chatted to Pig Destroyer and Anaal Nathrakh who are both back with their latest installments of blastbeats and yes, lots of others too - just look to your right for the full list of contents.

Before I sign off, it seems that an issue isn't complete these days without an obituary, and we're really sad to have to write that Mark 'The Shark' Shelton of Manilla Road is the latest to bow out; he leaves behind a rich musical legacy and a lot of very sad fans, grateful for the time he was here. We'll be back with issue 087 at the end of October.

Lisa Macey, Editor


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