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About Athena's Wake

Death metal vocals, blast beats, and a dash of black metal riffage - Behold Athena's Wake. With a style that encompasses a symbiotic blend of death metal, hardcore, deathcore and at times even some Black Metal, these Geelong born and bred musicians are bringing out a new sound that Western Melbourne cannot stop talking about. Prior to joining the Twin Peak Records roster they signed to the ever resourceful (and surprisingly young!) Garage Agency which has seen them tour all over Melbourne without letting a single venue lay untouched. Now, having signed to Twin Peak Records, they will see a very busy second half of 2014 with the release of their upcoming album and two National tours of Australia. Athena's Wake are the perfect blend - core enough for the kids and extreme enough for the headbangers.

Athena's Wake are :

Adam Caciolo
Alex Bell
Alex Hill
Corey Pearce
Harry Andrews

"The Contemplation EP" will be released worldwide on the 30th of June, 2014 through Twin Peak Records and is a true representation of Athena's Wakes' collective influences whilst still holding firm in their death metal roots.